Prison of Oradea at the Beginnings of the Communist Period (1945-1946)

Prison of Oradea at the Beginnings of the Communist
Period (1945-1946)


The communist regime has significantly changed the role that
the penance institution played in a society. The communist prisons and the
labor colonies were not simply isolation spaces of the prisoner, they have
become places for reeducation in which the torture, deprivation, humiliation
were the main ways to transform the communist regime opponent in a new man.
The Penitentiary of Oradea is part of this new line of the central policy
promoted by the new totalitarian regime of Soviet origin.
In the Penitentiary of Oradea, until August 23, 1944, prisoners of common
law and policy have executed their punishment and after August 23, 1944, there
they imprisoned both prisoners of common law and “those who committed crimes
against the state security”. From year to year, with intensifying the fight against
the “anti-democratic actions”, the number of the “counterrevolutionary”
prisoners increased continuously. The average capacity of the Penitentiary was
700-1000 people, but in reality, during the periods of maximum repression, the
number of occupants doubled. If in the registry of prevents on the year 1945 they
recorded 167 persons, the next year the number of those imprisoned in the
Penitentiary of Great Oradea has reached 611, including 89 women.
Keywords: Oradea Penitentiary, political prisoners, prisoners of
common law, anti-Communist resistance, 1945-1946.

Articol accesibil în Analele Universităţii din Oradea, Seria Istorie – Arheologie, (Oradea), TOM XXII, 2012 (de la pagina 94 la pagina 109)

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